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Adobe Indesign Digital Publishing Suite

Part of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

2-3 Days

*If you are VERY familiar with InDesigns new features, topics can be covered in 2 days; if not, an extra day will be required. Add an extra day to cover the basics of Edge Animate.

Class Objectives
  • Design and layout mobile documents
  • Specify mobile device digital page orientations
  • Specify the safe area of design for mobile device documents
  • Describe how interactive overlays float above the digital page
  • Create hyperlinks to different articles within the folio, online resources, or email
  • addresses
  • Create a multi-state objects and specify mobile device controls and functions for
  • viewer interaction
  • Create Folios and create articles and incorporate them into folios
  • Manage articles in both Folio Builder Panel within Adobe InDesign and via Digital
  • Publishing Suite Dashboard DPS Folio Producer tools
  • Preview folios and articles via the Adobe Content Viewer
  • Know what credentials, files, icons, splash screens, subscription, entitlement
  • resources needed to publish a viewer app
  • Create single folio and multi-folio viewer apps and custom viewer apps