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Microsoft Access

Introduction–Intermediate (3 days)

Creating a custom Web App

Starting Access
Creating a custom Web App
Adding a table template
Showing the navigation pane
Adding a blank table
Launching a Web App
Working with the List view
Working with the Datasheet view
Working with a summary view
Finding your site and navigating to the team site
Creating a Web App using a template

Modifying a Web App

Importing from an Access desktop database
Changing the design of a table
Creating a lookup/relationship
Designing with a List Details view
Designing with a Datasheet view
Designing with a summary view
Designing with a blank view
Open, rename, duplicate, or delete a view
Creating a query
Modifying the Table Selector
Working with reports

Creating a desktop database

Creating a blank desktop database
Creating a table in design view
Creating a table in layout view
Working with data parts in layout view
Creating a table by using application parts
Adding a primary key
Improving performance by indexing data
Validate that data in a field is of the correct type
Comparing field values by using table validation
Formatting a field
Recording changes to text and rich text formatting
Creating relationships by using the Lookup Wizard
Viewing relationships
Deleting relationships
Adding relationships

Working with data in datasheets

Changing Access database options
Altering the presentation by ordering, hiding, and freezing fields
Moving between records and using Find And Replace
Sorting datasheet rows
Filtering datasheet rows
Filtering combinations of choices with Filter By Form
Filtering combinations of choices with Advanced Filter/Sort
Inserting and updating records
Deleting records
Creating summary data for records
Displaying related information with a subdatasheet
Adjusting column/row height and formatting
Selecting data to copy and paste
Displaying more information with the Zoom box
Changing the datasheet presentation

Selecting data using queries

Selecting all columns from a table
Selecting individual columns from one or more tables
Joining tables to see unmatched or missing records
Filtering by single and multiple combinations of choices
Adding calculations with the expression builder
Returning the top matched records
Eliminating duplicate values
Creating a summary calculation
Prompting to filter data with parameters
Creating a crosstab query with the Query Wizard
Simplifying a problem with a query by using other queries
Adding two sets of query results together
Resolving ambiguous outer joins
Creating an additional query to resolve a problem with mixed joins

Modifying data using queries

Creating a table by using a Make Table query
Changing data in a table with an Update query
Adding data to an existing table with an Append query
Deleting data in tables with a Delete query
Updating a column based on an expression
Adding only new data that is not already in a table
Resetting an AutoNumber with an Append query
Improving presentations with forms
Creating a continuous form with the multiple items template
Creating a datasheet form with conditional formatting
Creating a single record form with the Form Wizard
Creating a split form
Working with form views
Working with control layouts
Creating a parent/child form with the Form Wizard
Altering link master and link child fields
Controlling editing and data entry in a form
Changing the data source for a form
Organizing your database with navigation forms
Adding fields to a form in design view
Adding fields to a form in layout view
Adding a subform to an existing form

Using controls effectively

Creating labels and text boxes
Creating lines and rectangles
Creating check boxes, option buttons, and toggle buttons
Creating option groups
Creating list boxes
Creating combo boxes
Creating hyperlinks
Creating logos and titles
Creating bound and unbound object frames
Creating image controls
Creating attachments
Creating web browser controls
Working with tab controls
Creating command buttons
Setting control defaults
Applying Office themes

Preparing data to print using reports

Creating a tabular report with multiple tables
Altering the presentation of controls on a page
Working with controls and sections
Using the Can Grow and Can Shrink Properties
Adding a running sum
Managing data and page breaks
Adding sorting and grouping on reports
Avoiding blank pages
Adding conditional formatting
Creating a single record report with the Report Wizard
Creating a parent/child report
Using labels and managing columns and rows
Working with layout view, report view, and Print Preview

Exchanging data

Importing data and objects from Access
Linking to data in Access
Importing data from Excel
Linking to data in Excel
Refreshing linked tables when files are changed
Importing data from text files using specifications
Exporting data to Excel
Working with saved imports and exports
Exporting data as PDF documents

Introducing the power of macros

Enabling macro commands and disabling Trusted Documents
Linking together forms
Linking a form to a query
Validating data entered in controls
Making controls change other controls
Processing data with action queries
Executing a saved import/export
Administrating a database
Compacting and repairing your database
Analyzing your database
Protecting your data
Viewing object dependencies