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Creating Accessible Documents

2 Days

Working with Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, and PDF files.

  • Using logical structure with Paragraph Styles
  • Avoiding excess white spaces
  • Best workflow for using Graphics
  • Proper List usage
  • Proper formatting and setup of Tables
  • Setting Document properties and Language
  • Working with Color and Contrast
  • Proper usage and formatting for Links
  • Design elements that affect accessibility
  • Add document navigation: Contents, Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, etc.
  • Best Export to PDF options
  • Accessibility Checker in Office and Acrobat

Fixing inaccessible PDFs in Acrobat Pro

  • Fixing PDF Files from scratch
  • Adding tagged structure and reading order
    • Applying settings in first section
  • Using Accessibility tools
  • Final Prep

Creating Accessible Forms in InDesign and Acrobat

    • Field names and descriptions
    • Required fields
    • Setting Tab Order