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Converting to Structured FrameMaker and Developing EDD

Attendence in our Intro to FrameMaker, Advanced FrameMaker, and Structured Editing classes, or equalivant knowledge, is required before attending this Structured FrameMaker class. Students in open-enrollment classes wishing to by-pass our Intro and Advanced Frame classes, and go directly into Structured Frame may be required to sign a waiver.

Creating an EDD

  • Importing an DTD or Schema
  • Extracting EDD from existing document
  • Creating EDD from scratch
    • Creating Element tags
    • Element types
    • General Rules
    • Child Containers
      • Using Auto Insertion
    • Setting up Attributes
    • Initial Formats
  • Creating EDD Elements for:
    • Text
    • Heading
    • Bullet Lists
    • Numbered Lists
    • Tables
    • Figures
    • Character Elements
    • Special Elements
      • X-Refs
      • Footnotes
      • Markers
      • Variables
  • Applying formatting via EDD
    • Defining individual formats
    • Applying Paragraph and Character tags
    • Contextual Rules
    • Level Rules
    • First/Last Paragraph Rules
    • Controlling formatting with Attributes
  • Book Elements
    • Chapters
    • Front Matter

Creating a Conversion Table


  • Importing Word documents (if necessary) and making use of Word style formatting
  • Prepping/cleaning up Unstructured Frame documents for conversion
  • Creating a Conversion Table
  • Editing Conversion Table for multi-level structured conversion
  • Applying Conversion Table to unstructured document